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Should You IFA-It For Life Insurance?

November 13th, 2011

IFAs, or Independent Financial Advisers, used to be invaluable sources of information for individuals and couples alike who happened to be looking for life insurance. A couple of decades ago, most people would go to an IFA for independent advice as to which policy they should go for and indeed an idea of exactly what was available for them in the first place. However, the use of IFAs dropped off a bit, an assertion which is backed up by sales information and data relating to their use as per numerous studies. Why?

Well, the first reason is that some advisers actually became known for preferring certain life insurance policies as a result of the commission they received. Thanks to the minority, they became tarred with the same brush and people began to distrust IFAs. However, people also failed to see the need for life insurance, which is proven by the drop in policies taken out in the last few years. If you are one of those that would like to see what is out there without bias but cannot or do not want to go to an Independent Financial Adviser what options are available to you?

Well, comparison sites for a start. Sites like APH simply offer you quotes for life insurance based on the information you input, meaning that it matches policies to specific criteria. There is no bias and any sponsored links or policies are clearly marked so that you can avoid any hint of bias if you so wish. You can compare policies based on features, premium and length of policy and specify exactly what you want and need from it. With this in mind, the APH comparison site is the ideal place to go for help. You can also visit quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. No need to get dressed. Just turn on and login to find the best possible value for money on life insurance for you.

Drinking & Driving: Playing Chicken With Your Car Insurance

November 10th, 2011

The season of merriment, eating and drinking is almost here! Christmas is just around the corner. It is supposed to be a happy, exciting time for being with friends and family but unfortunately that is not all it’s for. It is also for some people, a minority of people, being stupid and putting their livelihoods, lives and freedom at risk by drinking and driving. It is more common around Christmas than at any other time of year. Why? Largely because people forget themselves and do things that they shouldn’t do because it’s Christmas. The problem is that if you get convicted once for drink driving then you could end up paying for it in terms of car insurance for the foreseeable future.

When you apply for car insurance or even for quotes, you will be asked whether you have any driving related convictions. You have to disclose speeding tickets as well as any other convictions and if you have been convicted of drinking and driving then you are automatically seen as a liability and will have to pay more. Car insurance companies are pretty rigid on this rule. Of course, it doesn’t help that hundreds who have already been convicted of drink driving and banned have been caught on the road when they shouldn’t be. In addition, 3%, or 1,480, or the 55,539 people convicted of drink driving have not been banned at all.

If you are planning on drinking this holiday season then do not drive. Don’t even take your keys with you so that you will not be tempted. It i a season for celebration and enjoyment but if you make it about drinking and then go on the roads then you could take away the happiness of others as well. Make sure that you always book a taxi or arrange to get home with someone else and never take chances. There is more than just your car insurance at stake.

Multi Car Insurance

November 9th, 2011

APH has teamed up with the legendary Adrian Flux to provide specialist multi car insurance. This is not available online as there are too many variables to consider when you are looking for cheap cover to insure more than one car.

Please use the phone number 0800 369 8591 for a multicar insurance quote and the friendly staff at Adrian Flux will be happy to quote you and your vehicles. Please note that the line is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm so the service is not available in the evening so take a note of the number.

Insurance for two cars on one policy is becoming ever more popular however there doesn’t seem to be many companies offering this multicar policy service.

Use Your Garage, Reduce Your Car Insurance

November 7th, 2011

Do you have a garage at home, whether it is attached to your home or as a separate entity? If you do then do you use it? If you have answered yes, and in that I mean use it for your car, then you may have done yourself a huge favour and accessed cheap car insurance as a result of your commitment to protecting your car overnight and when it would otherwise be sat on your drive or the road. However, you would also be one of the minority.

A recent study of car insurance customers with more than one car in their household saw many people admit to keeping stuff in their garages rather than their cars. No matter what their worries concerning the fact that their car could be damaged, stolen or bumped into overnight, not to mention being broken into of course, they still put up to £20,000 worth of car on the drive or road instead of moving the average of £3,429 of stuff from their garage to make room for it. If you think about it, this really does not make sense and can put your car insurance in jeopardy.

It used to be that car insurance providers asked whether you had a garage or an off road unit in which to place your car. Now many are changing the wording to “do you store” your car in a garage. This ensures that discounts are applied only where deserved and where the risk is much lower than it would otherwise be. With this in mind, you may want to consider whether or not your garage is being used for the correct purpose and indeed whether you could save money by clearing it out. You will soon see just how much money you can save in this way if you compare policies at APH.

Have You Claimed on Your Motorbike Insurance?

November 4th, 2011

Have you claimed on your motorbike insurance this year? If you have yet to do so then the likelihood is that you have some no claims bonus to carry over to next year… unless you fail to watch the conditions as they get worse this year. There is still two months left until New Year’s Eve and they are amongst the most perilous for motorbike riders. First of all, you have wet leaves on the road to watch out for, then you will have icy roads first thing in a morning and last thing at night and finally, when it gets really bad, you will have the gritters to deal with as well.

The only real way to escape accidents at this time of year is to be vigilant. Of course, if you have years of experience of riding on the road then you may well be well aware of what you have to do. Getting complacent is not an option and few riders are. However, if you have little experience on the road then you may well worry that you are putting your motorbike insurance in jeopardy. If this is the case then why not look at practical steps that you can take, such as checking your tyres to make sure that they are suitable for the cold weather and have enough tread on them. Getting to know the roads you travel on is also a good idea. Finally, check out the speed limits and make sure that you stay within them, being careful on the roads.

Motorbike insurance providers do have a lot of claims at this time of year but just concentrate on what you are doing on the road. If you have to claim then it will put your premiums up but you can always compare motorbike insurance policies to find a better deal. The main thing is staying safe on the road as far as possible.

Protecting Your Livelihood with Van Insurance

November 1st, 2011

Van insurance is a must to get your van on the road, as all drivers are fully aware. However, if your business is suffering and you are using your van as a means of working then you may be tempted to drop your cover right down when it comes to renewal time. After all, you only need third party van insurance to stay legal on the road and it is often cheaper than comprehensive insurance but you should ask yourself a few questions first. For example, would you be better off in the event of an accident with reduced cover?

The answer to this question is dependent on your financial situation. If you can afford to replace or repair your own van, hire one if necessary and cover the cost of your tools then third party van insurance may be fine for you. However, if your business is already suffering financially and you still take third party insurance then you may well have a problem if you do get into an accident. Regardless of how tight your financial situation is, you absolutely need cover that suits your own personal requirements and checking elements of individual policies can help you there. Do you need a courtesy van if yours is being repaired? Do you need the means to replace your van if you are in an accident and are deemed at fault? Do you need cover for items that must be kept in the back of your van during working hours? All of these points are worth considering.

The best way to find the ideal cover for you at a price you can afford is to compare van insurance via the APH comparison engine. With access to some of the top providers in the country, you can find exactly what you are looking for more often than not.

Do You Need Emergency Home Insurance?

October 29th, 2011

It has been announced by a major provide of emergency home insurance cover that they are suspending outbound sales calls amidst numerous accusations that their staff are actively mis-selling policies. This is not the first time such a product has hit the headlines as a result of a lot of controversy. Emergency forms of home cover have caused this sort of  outcry before. The reason for it doesn’t necessarily lie in the technique of the sales advisor though, although some of them are very pushy and difficult to get rid of without being rude. Instead, it often actually lies in the fact that people never actually think about emergency cover and then, when they have second thoughts, they feel that they do not need it. In fact, emergency home insurance cover is actually a very useful product .

Emergency home insurance is marketed by a variety of companies, some of whom are insurers and others who are not. For the most part, the cover offers protection in the event that you need a plumber, electrician, boiler expert or any other tradesman out in the event of an emergency. Most guarantee someone out to you within 8 hours at the most.

You should always check your actual home insurance policy to see what you are covered or though before you take out extras like this type of policy because you may already have some sort of cover in place. If that is the case then you will not need an extra emergency home insurance policy at all. However, many policies do not offer emergency access to tradesmen or emergency repairs for either no extra cost or a small excess. If your policy is one of them then you may want to look into getting an emergency form of cover just in case. You never know what is around the corner and with winter now nearly upon us, you have peace of mind that you need not sit in the dark, cold or wet without having someone to call on in a very short period of time.

Bonfires, Burglary and Home Insurance

October 26th, 2011

Life is hectic for many people at the moment with so many events upcoming and winter well and truly on the way. Bonfire Night, dark evenings and fireworks are an excellent combination for those families looking to celebrate in the coming couple of weekends but it is also an excellent combination for another group of people – the burglars. It is a fact that more houses are broken into when the nights draw in and with the clocks going back this weekend, it is no wonder that numerous experts are beginning to write their words of warning. If you do not have home insurance then now is the time to get it, but what do you need to look for either in an existing home insurance policy or a new one?

Well, first things first, you need to make sure that you have the level of the cover you need to cover all of your possessions. If you have £25,000 of stuff, for example, then £10,000 cover is just not going to cut it. You need to add up the cost of all of your possessions and get enough cover to protect them all. You also need to check the type of cover you have. More and more home insurance companies are offering new for old cover, meaning that they will replace your belongings themselves with like for like. You need to check this before taking out cover.

You also need to check to see whether you have buildings insurance if you own your own home. After all, a firework may not go through everyone’s window this Guy Fawkes night but it is worth thinking of every situation and covering them all with your home insurance. You need to make sure that accidents are covered and you can get your home fixed just in case.

Avoid Autumn Car Insurance Hazards

October 23rd, 2011

With Halloween and Guy Fawkes night just around the corner, the most fun days of autumn are soon to hit us. With Christmas just around the corner and the dark nights drawing in, it is really starting to get to the exciting finale of the year. It really is a shame that car insurance companies do not think so… but then they have good reason not to really. For starters, stray fireworks have done more damage to cars in the recent past than they did in the decade prior to that, largely because of kids getting a hold of them and setting them off. In addition, the roads are going to get icy shortly and until then drivers have to worry about the amount of slippery leaves on the road.

Unfortunately, autumn and winter are potentially the worst seasons for car insurance because claims tend to rise. However, there are certain problems you can avoid. For example, do not jeopardise your car insurance on Halloween or Bonfire Night by leaving your car open to all. If you have a garage then make sure that your car is locked in it on these nights. If you have no garage but do have a drive then pull onto it so that your car is not on an open road.

As far as saving money on car insurance is concerned, protecting your no claims is definitely a huge step but comparing cover and policies is highly important today. There is no need to get a variety of quotes from numerous websites when you can do it all on one. All you have to do is fill your details in here at APH and you will find quotes on your computer screen in very little time at all. It is the easiest way to see if you can save.

Getting Incentives with Life Insurance

October 20th, 2011

In previous posts, I have discussed life insurance and why fewer people are going out to get it these days. The lack of understanding is a major problem and one that immediately puts people off taking out a policy but this is not the biggest barrier to getting life insurance to protect your family apparently. Instead, that honour (or indeed lack of) goes to the fact that many people do not think they need it. They either think that nothing will happen to them so their family will never need the provisions a policy offers them or they just do not think about it, deeming it a little morbid. Unfortunately, life proves time and again that we never know what might happen from one day to the next.

Some companies are resorting to offering incentives to try and get people to consider life insurance as a serious product that they both want and need. For example, a leading mainstream life insurance provider has heavily advertised £40 to £50 of high street store vouchers for the past couple of years and now a supermarket is offering double loyalty card points for a couple of years. Both forms of incentive have apparently proved to be rather successful in enticing people to consider life insurance.

Of course, if you are planning on taking out life insurance then it is completely up to you which policy you take out and whether or not you take advantage of the incentives. However, that should not be the main reason why you choose a specific policy. Instead, you should take out cover because it suits you and because it caters for all of your needs. You can find a range of policies to compare in this respect right here at APH. Just tap in your details and you will soon be able to compare cover.