Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Cover – Apply Online for Dog and Cat Insurance

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance will cover your pet in the case of accidents and illnesses.

It will safeguard your cat or dog and give it the treatment it needs should the unthinkable happen and give you peace of mind that no extra costs will be incurred (besides the excess of course!)

Everyone who owns or has owned a pet in the past, knows how expensive vetinerary bills can be when your pet needs treatment. That’s why it’s a sensible move to cover your cat or dog by taking out a pet insurance policy.

Premiums can start from as little as £5 per month to cover puppies and kittens which is a small price to pay when you think how clumsy they can be at this age and what trouble they can get into, including how vulnerable they are at this stage in their life to injection and illness.

Pet insurance is relatively new and has become far more competitive since the introduction and success of the internet. Competition is high and companies offer all sorts of incentives to have them cover your pet(s).

Some companies offer a discount for taking out pet insurance policies on two or more animals in the same household while others offer smaller excess amounts to pay out should a claim arise. All in all, it’s important to make a good comparison when searching for pet insurance as the small print often tells many tales of how good the policy really is.