Junior Doctor allowed to keep job after being caught drink driving twice

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Being an alcoholic or having another substance issue does not mean you can’t do your job in the right way. However, these types of issues do affect the body’s systems and make one not to be on their temperate minds every other time. Getting drunk and drive has always been constrained from all the ministries as they suppose your mind must be under persecution during this time. Surprisingly, people out there still drink and drive and get on to break the set of laws forgetting that they are doing that under their own menace. This makes them do this incessantly because that becomes a habit and as it is well known, a habit is a disease. How atypical it is that people who drink most are either engineers or doctors who in particular know what drugs do to our bodies. A subordinate doctor was detained once and again for dink and driving. This being the case, the best course of action is to make the doctor stop his or her profession for disciplinary actions to be advocated. Being a doctor, all minds have t that when one is into drinking as a doctor, they most probably end up posing risks to their patients. Dr. Lauren Fowler, a junior doctor, was however allowed to keep her job even after being arrested for drinking and driving. She was found to have crushed her automobile in a very busy area when it comes to pedestrians and this was seen to be serious as she could course greater destruction which could not be replicable in any case. Despite her being drunk with an empty bottle of wine in the footwell of her car, she was said to be scarcely able to speak to the officers when they arrived same case less than two months ago when she was stopped by police where she had downed a full urn of vodka driving away from a hotel near her family unit. What made the case serious is after some tests done which showed that she was three times over the drink limit, meaning that drink driving lawyers‌ ‌were required. One time in court the magistrates suspended her case after hearing she had an addiction to alcohol basically because of pursuing medicine and here engineers also come in widely like a nightmare. It is not abnormal since she claimed to have drunk too much during her research course back in the academia and did not know how she could get to reach some help on her circumstances. Briefs about her having it that she has been evidently seen that her work has exceeded expectations and most importantly her risk work has not posed any risk to her patients. Surprisingly, she has added a course on drunk-driving and it has that she has done her job in a great manner including unpaid work and voluntary programs. She claimed that there was no evidence of any case that she has been having issues with her patient’s safety and she does everything possible to ensure that she serves her patients despite her unacceptability doing her job being under mind disorder as a result of drunkenness. No one could ever deny her addiction and dedication she has for her livelihood and she has made steps of making certain this never happens again. Given that she has given up alcohol completely, it does not give full proof that she is ready for that step, but she has also made a decision to keep off all temptations by selling her car for now. Being a doctor, this is a character trait that doesn’t have a quick fix, but she has been living her life out in a way that suggests change.