New funding secured for legal app launched by former Apprentice candidate


Nowadays, in this generation, it’s extremely difficult to hide anything from anyone especially if you’re a celebrity of a successful firm. With our new technologies and the internet, everything about a public figure is exposed. Whenever any event takes place in a celebrity’s life or if a company went, for example, bankrupt, you’ll find all sorts of media and paparazzi and all the reporters along with the newspapers writing about it. Internet with all its benefits, also exposes to us some of the dirty shady deals or things made by public or private firms or even shed light on successful transactions that took place. The worldwide web is now fired up with news about the most recent incident about the young apprentice who funded a law app. For all those living under a rock, here is a brief explanation of the situation. Lauren Riley, a former contestant in the UK and US TV show The Apprentice, founded an app called The Link App in 2014. The Apprentice is a UK TV reality game show with the same name of its American original version. The main idea of the program is to focus on a group of ambitious business people that competes with other teams using a chain of business challenges to win a prize. The Link App main aim is to have a better method of communicating with clients. Laurel, who went to law school in Manchester, said that she is in fact frustrated by the ways law firms communicate with their clients through emails and posts and refers to them as ‘outdated working practices’. Luckily, the young apprentice has managed to secure a funding with total investments that is over £500,000 from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. This investment will open shut doors in Laurel’s path and will allow her to increase her working team’s capacity and to even add more features to her system, which she says will include the ability to deliver milestones to customers in order to track the progress of their cases. Moreover, it will allow clients to upload all sorts of documents such as their ID with a tap from their smartphone! In simple words, this app will provide a smart, safe, innovative, paperless technique for clients to communicate with their legal firms through the web or the app, a great support to business solicitors in Manchester and around the country. Lawyers will be able, after the system upgrade, to directly send forms to the clients’ mobile phones and the latter can fill it, add their signature to it then submit it back without any delay or trouble. This is a breakthrough in the legal industry and will save time to both parties since they will constantly be kept with each other’s daily progress.